We are a team of writers and illustrators striving to effect changes in education through PictuWriting.
VoxPrima began as a collaboration between professionals from the children and young readers’ literature and illustration fields who chose to devote part of their time and talent to opening up PictuWriting Spaces in schools.
Together they make up the core: the Picto and the Writing.
We are not alone. VoxPrima has been inspired by projects that have been springing up in the English-speaking world in recent years, aimed at getting literature and publishing involved in education, such as ‘826 Valencia’ in the U.S., ‘FirstStory’ or ‘The Ministry of Stories’ in England, or ‘FightingWords’ in Ireland.


La PictoEscritura reconecta a estudiantes y docentes con la emoción de aprender.
La PictoEscritura es una metodología innovadora que mejora las competencias comunicativas del alumnado y devuelve la emoción por aprender, promoviendo el éxito educativo.

Entrevista con Anna Manso sobre la pictoescritura
Anna Manso, escritora, y Arianne Faber, ilustradora, conversan sobre su experiencia como talleristas VoxPrima

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