De Eenhoorn

Series of cardboard books

Series of 4 cardboard books
Published by De Eenhoorn
Belgium, 2009
18 pages
16 x 16 cm
Rights sold: English (Korea)

A series of cardboard books thought for toddlers.
The characters and objects are constructed out of primary forms such as triangles, squares and circles.

From the same series:
– Bo makes everything himself
– Bo plays everywhere
– Christmas with Bo
– Happy birthday Bo

The press about ‘Bo plays everywhere’
“What a rich toddler book! A playful story on two fantasy levels, yet accessible, while an initial introduction to the visual arts: the Cubists also drawed thinking in basic shapes. Chapeau!” (Kinderopvang, December 2009)

“Therefore, the cardboard books about Bo are a refreshment. At the end of the book, the three friends are all together and are forming a series of colored surfaces. With such visual jokes Arianne Faber makes out of this simple book something special.” (The Standard of Arts, November 2009)

The press about ‘Christmas with Bo’
“The clear illustrations, mainly composed out of primary colours and basic forms, and the summary text contribute to the fact that the book fits in with the living environment of babies and toddlers.” (Website Peuteren, October 2009)

“Christmas with Bo is a beautiful cardboard book in which different Christmas rituals are explained. The illustrations are almost completely composed out of geometric figures and contain a lot of colour. This makes the book very useful to extend the Christmas vocabulary, for example. Highly recommended as a present underneath the Christmas tree…” (Logopedie, November – December 2009)

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